World of Demons, a platinum Apple Arcade title, stops service

For a considerable amount of time, people in the gaming business have frequently discussed games and their preservation or lack thereof. Another game is about to vanish into thin air: World of Demons, an action game unique to the Apple Arcade, is set to essentially vanish after a month, according to Platinum Games. The studio’s official site sent a four-sentence message today confirming that the game was taken down from the Apple Arcade service on January 18. The site further verifies that the game would stop working completely on February 1, which is two weeks later, even for those who were able to download it before it was taken down.

Because World of Demons is only available on Apple Arcade at this time, it will be discontinued on February 1st, barring a console release from Platinum. With a blog post stating that the developers “extend our gratitude to all players who have enjoyed the game since release,” Platinum does show some appreciation to those who played the game before its withdrawal.

About the Game

PlatinumGames is the developer of the 2021 hack-and-slash game World of Demons. In order to battle, the player assumes the role of a samurai who commands yōkai. On April 2, 2021, the game was made available on Apple Arcade.

The game World of Demons is divided into discrete chapters that the player must finish to advance through combat tasks and puzzles. Through gameplay, the player may gather yōkai, each of which has a unique set of attacks. Four playable samurai with distinct weaponry are available in the game. Gold and jewels, two currencies obtained via gaming, may be used to enhance both yōkai and weaponry.

Each character has the ability to summon yōkai, spirits that fight with the player in battle. Depending on how quickly they tap and how long they hold between taps, the samurai can execute various assaults. Combinations of different maneuvers can be performed by players. There is a bullet time feature in World of Demons where the player can earn more hits if they dodge just in front of an enemy assault.

You can play at least 2 weeks later

According to Apple Arcade policy, if you download a game before it departs Arcade, you can play it for at least two weeks later. This two-week grace period between removal and full shutdown is in compliance with that policy. An error notice stating that the game is no longer playable appears when you attempt to launch an arcade game.”

A number of reviews for World Of Demons in 2021 described it as a “solid action experience,” noting that the “Platinum formula translates well to iOS devices, with simple touch controls and quick action that looks and feels great on the smaller screen.”