Trending Social Media App Development Ideas for Startups

Social media is massive. We are not saying this but data surely displays that there are 4.95 billion social media users around the world equating to 61.4% total global population using social media. 

Undoubtedly, seeing these stats we can say the use and consumption of social media has increased and will go on upward in coming times. 

With billions of people accessing social media, it has also inspired businesses to bring new social media apps. As you know there is always space for something new. So, if you are a business lurking here and there for social media app ideas, you have reached the right blog.

We will help you with the best, so without any delay let’s move forward-

Top Social Media App Ideas

As per a study conducted, two in five people have stopped using social media apps either permanently or temporarily.  And, the main reason behind this is ‘’ boredom”. To become one of the successful social media platforms, you need to have a top-notch idea with exciting features that not only attract users but also keep them engaged. 

To aid you with those trending social media app ideas, this below-section will help-

  1. Short-video Social Networking App

Do you know? In current times, the most engaging type of content on social media is ‘short-form videos’.  The main reason behind the success of social media networking apps like TikTok is that they adopted this long back. Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts also gained momentum for providing short-form videos. Planning a short video social networking app with your social media app development company will surely generate revenue and provide you good user base. 

  1. Community and Discussion forms

Sometimes we want to find a person with whom we can talk about topics that interest us the most. It might be about the current world situation, alien invasion, old civilization, astronomy, puzzles, or anything else. 

There are already several community and discussion forms present in the market such as Reddit. But, it doesn’t mean the market is saturated. You can build such an app under the guidance of a Mobile App Development Company in London, where people can ask questions and get responses. This will help them to connect with a like-minded person and use your app more.

  1. Blogging App

With the video-format content, you might think blogs are outdated. But, that’s not the case; people still like to read blogs to gain new information about the lives of their favorite pop stars, any new product launch, or tech innovation. One such example of a Blog app is Medium. You can create such an app to help people find any topic of their choice through different categories and read about it. This might be the unique selling of your app that leads it to success. 

  1. All-In-One Social Media

The rising popularity of super apps like WeChat has surely indicated the growing demand for such apps. You can integrate this idea into your social media app development. If you see the example of Facebook, it has everything from messaging to the marketplace, you can bring more features including job portals, dating features, games with friends, e-commerce, and others. By doing so, you will be serving the market with something new and fresh; the curiosity of something new will surely bring users to you.

  1. Chatting Social Media App

Another top social media app idea is building a social media app solely dedicated to chatting. Look at successful apps like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, and others, they have surely their fair share of increasing social media attention. 

You can take inspiration from them for innovative app development with unique features. You can provide users with a safe space to chat, make new connections, share photos, and make calls without any extra charges. 

  1. Corporate Networking App

When we say corporate networking app, what’s the first app that comes to your mind ‘LinkedIn’? Probably yes, there are several apps that are serving the market as LinkedIn’s competitor, but might not be up to the mark. You can take this opportunity to bring an app that works on every user parameter.  From joining forums and discussions, posting their thoughts, to networking with other people and industry experts. All and everything should be availed to them through your platform. This can help you create a corporate community and boost your app growth. 

  1. Video-Sharing App For Artists

Although, there are several platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and many others, where artists can share their videos to showcase their talent. But, an app solely dedicated to them will be a good call. This app can help them connect to entertainment and art experts by removing all extra content. This requires you to employ the best entertainment app development services to bring the best of their expectations. Your app can become a one-stop solution for them to showcase their dancing, singing, painting, or acting to get attention from the best artists in their industry for better opportunities. 

  1. Anonymous Social Media Apps

There is something about secrecy and anonymity that attracts people. Such kind of apps are quite prevalent among teens. They like to engage with people, chat, and share photos being anonymous. Even many famous apps like Whisper have the same concept and are quite popular. People feel comfort and a sense of privacy relatively with such apps. You can use this idea to bring a similar app with better features where they can build a community, share thoughts, make new friends, and hang out virtually. We bet this will make your app famous within no time. 


No matter how many social media apps are in the market, it is still among the fastest-growing industry that calls for something more.  The success of TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook surely speaks volumes and attracts businesses to build more social media apps. After all, from Millennials to Gen-Z, these apps have become an integral part of everyone’s life. 

If you are brainstorming new ideas to develop social media apps, we believe the above list will surely help you in every way possible. You can take inspiration from it and communicate with a reliable app development company to create a robust and scalable social media app.