Top 3 Reasons Why Recommend Zirconia Containment Shell for Magnetic Pumps

The good sealing performance of magnetic drive pumps significantly impacts many industrial production processes. Leakage and wear of magnetic drive pumps can contaminate products and affect efficiency. It also leads to greater maintenance costs over time. 

Ensuring magnetic pumps operate in a sealed containment can maximize productivity and minimize downtime from leak-related failures or repairs. A well-designed containment shell plays a key role in the durability and performance of these pumps. Zirconia containment shells are particularly a recommended choice.

Performance of Containment Shell Using Zirconia Material

The containment shell of magnetic pumps is a component that bears the internal pressure generated by the pump during operation to ensure no leakage. Traditionally, metals have been used for this application. However, zirconia ceramics provide several superior advantages as containment shell material:

1. Wear and Corrosion Resistance

Zirconia exhibits high Vickers hardness up to 12 Gpa. This means that it has excellent wear and corrosion resistance, can maintain stability in harsh environments, and resist the erosion of various substances. The long-term reliability and efficiency of the containment shell are ensured, which is significant for challenging industrial environments. 

2. Thermal Stability

Unlike metals that undergo phase changes at different temperatures, zirconia maintains its crystalline structure stability from a very wide temperature range (up to 1500°C). In other words, zirconia retains its physical strength properties under extreme thermal conditions without degradation or cracking. Zirconia containment shells can tolerate temperature shocks and fluctuations very well.

3. High Mechanical Strength

Zirconia’s flexural strength is higher than most metal alloys. This allows it to withstand extreme pressures inside pumps. Zirconia containment, combined with a very high compressive strength (2500 MPa), is highly load-bearing and resistant to shocks from mishandling. Thus, it can enhance the safety of using magnetic pumps. 

4. Good Flexibility

Unlike other high-strength ceramics, zirconia’s crystal structure provides good flexibility. This gives zirconia a high toughness against fracture, allowing it to adapt to slight vibrations and movements without affecting its sealing ability. It is crucial for ensuring the overall efficiency and performance of the pump.

Key Roles of Zirconia Containment Shell in Maximizing Pump Efficiency

A zirconia containment shell is key in maximizing pump efficiency and enhancing it in several ways. The top 3 ways it achieves this include the following:

1. Ensure Leakage-Free Operation

The zirconia containment shell acts as a robust and durable barrier, sealing off the internal components of the pump from the external motor elements. Its primary function is to prevent any liquid leakage during the magnetic drive pump’s operation. This not only enhances overall work efficiency but also mitigates safety hazards arising from potential leaks. 

2. Reduce Component Wear

Due to its exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance, zirconia containment shells experience minimal wear over time. Therefore, using it as a safety shell can significantly improve the service life of magnetic drive pumps and reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement of worn parts, improving overall cost-effectiveness.

3. Avoid Magnetic Induction Heat

Zirconia doesn’t generate heat when exposed to a changing magnetic field, unlike metals. This helps prevent efficiency reductions and component degradation caused by overheating inside pumps. As thermal faults are avoided, reliability and performance are enhanced.

JUNTY’s Zirconia Containment Shell for Magnetic Drive Pumps

JUNTY is a global supplier of high-performance sealing, wear-resistant products, and components to the fluid and gas control sectors. With two decades of industry experience, the brand specializes in understanding its customers’ unique needs and focuses on continuous improvement. ISO9001:2015 certified, every aspect of the company’s operations is meticulously controlled, from material selection to manufacturing and final inspection. 

They use ANSYS to build product models and analyze stress to avoid underlying failures. Furthermore, JUNTY also implements serious testing to ensure its products exceed expectations for performance and reliability. The manufacturer prides itself on building strong partnerships through open collaboration and a problem-solving approach. This commitment has earned it a reputation as the industry’s trusted solutions provider.

JUNTY offers premium-grade zirconia containment shells for magnetic drive pumps. These containment shells, crafted from high-purity zirconia, provide leak-free separation of pump components. Their key features include:

  • Provide separation between the external drive magnet connected to the motor and the internal driven magnet attached to the impeller
  • Reliably prevent leaks over time as there are no mechanical seals to fail
  • High-quality zirconia material doesn’t generate heat from magnetic induction
  • Tailor-made parts eliminate efficiency losses and overheating issues associated with heat generation
  • High mechanical strength for withstanding pressures
  • Exhibits good flexibility in handling dynamic changes
  • Great corrosion resistance for applications involving chemicals, hazardous liquids, and more


Overall, zirconia offers several key advantages over metals for magnetic pump containment shells. Its excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability, strength, and flexibility make it a high-performance solution to improve pump efficiency and service life. By preventing leaks and reducing wear, zirconia containment shells enhance reliability. 

JUNTY’s high-quality zirconia containment shells are designed to optimize magnetic pump performance. Contact them for more information on this and other innovative sealing solutions.