The Impact of EE Signal Boosters on Health and Wellbeing

Have you ever experienced a headache at work that led to a decrease in productivity? If so, you’re not alone. Our survey of employees at our delivery service in high-density areas, specifically the London commuter belt, revealed that two main factors contributing to low productivity were unstable mobile communication due to EE poor signal and radiofrequency radiation from electronic devices. In an effort to address the declining satisfaction of both customers and employees, we took a rational approach. We enlisted the expertise of UCtel, a company that integrates indoor mobile phone signal booster solutions, to tackle the initial issue of poor EE signal. 

Drawing insights from this collaboration, we present our expertise on solving the problem of weak mobile signals with EE boosters. This includes an explanation of how these boosters work, an assessment of their impact on health, and an exploration of their potential to enhance organisational productivity.

EE Signal Boosters: Source of Non-Ionizing Radiation

Our survey revealed that 75% of our employees experienced frequent dropped calls, poor voice quality, and slow data transfer when using their mobile devices at work. This caused frustration, stress, and loss of time and money. Moreover, 65% of our employees reported feeling headaches, fatigue, and eye strain after using their devices for long periods of time. They attributed these symptoms to the exposure to electromagnetic radiation from their devices and other electronic equipment in the office. Looking ahead, this is not true. 


Understanding the core of EE signal boosters requires a brief foray into the world of radiation. Radiation, categorised into ionising and non-ionising, is crucial for comprehending the safety of EE signal boosters. Ionising radiation, found in X-rays and gamma rays, possesses the energy to disrupt molecular bonds, potentially harming DNA. On the other hand, EE signal boosters operate within the spectrum of non-ionizing radiation, emitting radio waves with lower energy and longer wavelengths.

The key to their safety lies in the inability of non-ionizing radiation to penetrate the skin or inflict damage at the cellular level. According to the World Health Organization, extensive scientific scrutiny provides no compelling evidence linking low-level radio wave exposure from mobile phones, base stations, or signal boosters to adverse health effects.

Note on Bias

The WHO and the British Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Program have released statements that convincingly refute any health risks associated with the 5th generation mobile communication towers, which have become the subject of new prejudices. However, despite scientific facts and rational arguments, some individuals go even further by spreading their biases against mobile phone users and EE signal boosters. These prejudices are not only irrational but also harmful. As in the past, today, prejudices can lead to deaths and suffering, for example, if one were to reject telemedicine in healthcare. Therefore, we should not allow them to persist in the modern era, but this is already the subject of another article.

The Impact of EE Signal Boosters on Communication, Productivity, and Entertainment

Communication is essential to human relationships because it allows us to express ourselves, understand others, and build trust and rapport. For projects, telecommunications allows to outsource employees from anywhere in the world. But poor EE mobile connection can ruin your social, work or entertainment experience. It is for such cases that mobile communication amplifiers come to the rescue. Outcomes:

  1. Improved communication

EE Signal Boosters are emerging as communication leaders, providing users with a dependable EE network signal. This means crystal clear voice calls, fast text messaging, and reliable video chats. Benefits are provided for casual conversations, providing unhindered access to emergency services and important information.

  1. Productivity increase

In the professional arena, EE signal boosters prove invaluable in enhancing productivity. With an improved EE signal, working from home, a remote location or on the go is easier. Access the Internet with godaddy email login, communicate via email and use cloud services without interference from buffering or delays. Collaborating with team members, sharing files and participating in online meetings become simple tasks that ultimately save time, money, and energy. This covers all areas of professional work — from delivery services and technical support to telemedicine.

  1. Improved entertainment

Imagine: Streaming, downloading and connecting online content every time without the inconvenience of buffering. High-definition shows, movies, and videos are becoming the norm, accompanied by uninterrupted music, podcasts, and audiobooks — all thanks to mobile signal boosters. The improved signal quality extends to online gaming and social media interactions, providing a seamless and enjoyable digital experience.

Are there any alternatives to using an EE signal booster?

For all the versatility of mobile communication amplifiers, they still have some limitations that alternative devices can compensate for. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are some alternatives to using an EE signal booster. Options:

  • A static indoor repeater — this improves the mobile signal inside a building by relaying it from an outdoor antenna to an indoor antenna. This can help you get a better signal in areas where the EE network is weak or blocked by walls or other obstacles, such as densely populated areas of cities or BYOD offices. Please be aware that indoor repeaters, like any telecommunications device, must comply with Ofcom requirements.
  • A low-gain mobile repeater — this one improves the mobile signal inside a moving vehicle by connecting it to an external antenna. This can help you stay connected while driving or travelling in areas where the EE network is spotty or unreliable. However, make sure that the repeater is compatible with the EE frequency band and can interfere with other devices. 
  • A femtocell device creates a mini mobile network inside your home or office by connecting to the broadband Internet. This will help you make high-quality voice calls and access fast data services without relying on the EE network (EE Times). Such devices are widely used, for example, in city offices, residential premises or small businesses, where they provide better voice quality, longer battery life and lower tariffs. Before purchasing a femtocell, make sure your broadband connection is stable and fast enough to support the femtocell. Another precaution is that you must have permission from EE to use such a device. The reason is that some femtocells are only available to certain customers or tariff plans (for example, corporate).
  • A smart repeater’s feature is to boost the main mobile signal inside your home or office without requiring an external antenna or a broadband connection. This can help you improve your EE signal strength and quality in areas where the network is available but weak or unstable. However, you need to make sure that the smart repeater is approved for use in the UK.


Since there are 1.1 million people like you (Statista) who have suffered due to a poor EE signal, EE signal boosters stand as a gatekeeper of improved connectivity, dispelling concerns surrounding their impact on health. Emitting non-ionizing radiation, these devices operate within safe parameters, as validated by extensive scientific research. Far from being detrimental, EE signal boosters enhance communication, productivity, and entertainment, contributing positively to overall wellbeing.

To maximise the benefits of EE signal boosters, adhering to safety guidelines is paramount. Opt for reputable and certified brands, follow meticulous installation practices, and conduct regular checks for any signs of malfunction. In the pursuit of an elevated EE network signal and improved wellbeing, consider integrating an EE signal booster into your connectivity arsenal. Explore offerings from UCtel, and take a step toward a connected and enriched lifestyle. Your enhanced connectivity awaits — seize it today.