“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” Teases An Upcoming Joker Extension

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s makers are hinting at what will happen in the game’s much-discussed live service when it launches, even though the game won’t even be released for another two weeks.

During a lengthy Q&A session on Discord on Friday, the developers provided the graphic above, which appears to be a daily newspaper with a Joker theme. It is titled The Daily Chuckle, has his trademark clown style, and even includes a newspaper where it is rather evident that the character is Joker and not Toyman or another villain of a similar ilk (Toyman is actually already a vendor aiding the Suicide Squad in the game).

Naturally, concerns regarding the precise significance of this have arisen since this is the Arkhamverse where the Joker’s death was notably shown. This could turn out to be some kind of alt-dimension Joker since either he might be brought back in one of many various comic book-style methods, or because Rocksteady has mentioned that Braniac takes objects from other realities. If that’s the case, would the legendary Mark Hamill, who voiced the Joker, reprise the role? That’s not really clear.

Exploring the Comic Book Connections and Speculations

What is also uncertain is if Joker will be a playable member of the Suicide Squad or will he only be an antagonist in some kind of HQ that they have to defeat. Even though (Jared Leto) Joker made an appearance in the first Suicide group film, he wasn’t a member of the group and didn’t show up at all in the second. The Joker has been in the Suicide Squad in comic books at least once. As has Joker’s Daughter in the “New Suicide Squad” run. That figure, which appeared in a New 52 narrative, was really a maniac who worshipped him and wore his face as a mask after his death, not his actual daughter. Even if she had also been in comic Suicide Squads, my hunch is that if we were playing the Joker, it would be him who would appear.

Given that it would be strange to showcase that rather than what is next, the Joker building and its apparent extension are being disclosed at this time, which may indicate what the first “season” of Suicide Squad would be focused on following launch. Although I haven’t read enough narrative leaks to determine whether Joker is meant to appear in the basic game, this discovery suggests that the first seasonal plot may instead take place since Braniac has the ability to accept anybody into his group.

Even if one can overlook the fighting and design modifications from Arkham of the main game, everyone has been quite dubious about Suicide Squad’s hopes for a live service. Rocksteady has a lot of work ahead of it to demonstrate its ability to produce engaging post-launch content and deliver it on schedule, which has been the downfall of so many other live service ventures.