Smart Clothes, Smarter Deal: TURMS CEO Wins Over Investors on Shark Tank with Rs. 1.2 Crore Investment

Shark Tank Season 3 India, the well-known reality programme about entrepreneurship, has seen its fair share of creative proposals and exciting transactions. However, TURMS stands out for more reasons than only its unique product. CEO Azhar of Inshorts invested Rs. 1.2 crore in the company, which led to a spectacular turnaround and successful exit. This essay explores the history of TURMS, its experience on Shark Tank, and the insights it provides for would-be business owners.

The Science Behind TURMS’ ‘Intelligent Apparel’:

Essentially, TURMS is more than just an apparel company. It promotes “intelligent apparel,” which combines innovative technology with classic clothing to give it special functions. With items like fearless white cotton shirts that fight off stains and 30-day no-wash jeans treated with anti-bacterial and anti-odor finishes, TURMS strives to make life easier by reducing laundry stress and providing worry-free use.

The Sharks were drawn to this emphasis on useful innovation, especially Ashneer Grover, who praised the brand’s “USP proposition.” But attention was drawn to more than simply the brilliant technology. The investors became fascinated by TURMS’s founder, Surender Pal, after hearing his passionate pitch and learning about the company’s incredible turnaround.

From Acquisition to Shark Tank Triumph:

It wasn’t always as successful for TURMS as it is now. Recognizing its potential but facing an uphill battle, Pal acquired the struggling brand in 2020. By leveraging a void in the Indian market, he strategically repositioned TURMS to focus on its exclusive “intelligent apparel” niche, demonstrating unwavering persistence. TURMS’s success skyrocketed as a result of this audacious decision, effective branding, and focused marketing.

Pal had already accomplished a number of significant goals by the time he joined Shark Tank. Remarkable sales numbers, loyal customers, and even celebrity endorsements from cricket great M.S. Dhoni were all attributes of TURMS. This history along with Pal’s engaging presentation created the ideal environment for the night’s biggest trade.

Conclusion: Lessons for Every Entrepreneur

The Shark Tank experience of TURMS is a prime example of the strength of courage, creativity, and compelling story. It provides insightful lessons for prospective business owners:

  • Identify a Gap, Fill it with Innovation: TURMS capitalized on a gap in the Indian market for functional clothing, not just another fashion brand. Finding and filling unique market needs is crucial for success.
  • Embrace Challenges, Pivot When Needed: Pal’s willingness to take over a struggling brand and reinvent it demonstrates the value of agility and adaptation in the face of challenges.
  • Passion is a Powerful Pitch: Pal’s infectious enthusiasm and belief in his product resonated with the Sharks. Passionate founders with compelling stories connect better with investors and audiences.
  • Track Record Matters, Preparation Pays Off: TURMS’ strong sales figures and pre-existing success story gave the Sharks confidence in the brand’s future. Prior preparation and evidence of traction are key to securing deals.

Although the Sharks made an investment in TURMS, the company’s Shark Tank journey involved more than just closing a contract. It served as a stage for expanding its goals, motivating other business owners, and showcasing the potential of innovation in the Indian clothing industry. As TURMS continues to expand, its Shark Tank success story will surely act as a lighthouse for aspiring business owners, encouraging them to remember that even the most unusual clothing can succeed with the correct blend of intelligence, determination, and perseverance.