Scaling New Heights: Noda’s Fifteenfold Success Story in the 2023 Fintech Landscape

In a remarkable year of strategic achievements, Noda has amplified its turnover by an astounding fifteenfold in 2023. The open banking pioneer has penetrated new markets in Bulgaria and Romania and clinched a strategic partnership with TTN, a titan in the travel sector.

Noda’s multi-currency open banking solution is transforming business transactions worldwide. With 1,650 banks across 28 countries and 283 bank brands, Noda’s reach now extends over 30,000 branches. With its roots in the UK and branches stretching from Spain to Cyprus, Noda’s growth is a testament to its robust platform and innovative vision.

Noda’s open banking platform redefines merchant transactions, allowing direct bank payments from eCustomers and undercutting traditional card payment fees. Its API’s swift integration and intuitive UX have been pivotal in securing the partnership with TTN, setting the stage for an overhaul in travel industry payment systems.

Expanding into Bulgarian and Romanian markets signifies Noda’s commitment to becoming a global fintech powerhouse. These strategic moves have not only bolstered Noda’s market presence but have also enriched its client ecosystem.

Michael Bystrov, Noda‘s Chief Revenue Officer, reflects on the company’s trajectory: “This year has been a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Our expansion into new markets and the partnership with TTN are milestones and stepping stones toward a broader horizon where open banking is the norm for financial transactions. We’re dedicated to delivering a seamless payment experience, and this is just the beginning.”

Participation in over 30 conferences has further solidified Noda’s status as a thought leader in the fintech sphere, allowing it to forge new alliances and stay at the forefront of financial innovation.

Looking forward, Noda’s path is paved with the promise of continuous growth and sector leadership. With an unwavering focus on open banking solutions and a penchant for innovation, Noda is set to forge a financial future defined by efficiency and inclusivity.

In sum, Noda’s achievements in 2023 epitomize a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of customer needs. The fifteenfold increase in turnover, successful forays into new European territories, and a landmark partnership underscore Noda’s position as a frontrunner in the fintech revolution.