It appears that harm is still being done in the wake of the massive breach of the previous year, which saw over 100 GB of content from Rockstar Games’ projects leaked into the public domain. Recent sources say that the complete source code for Grand Theft Auto V, of which only glimpses were previously seen, has now been made public. Additionally, new Python code for Grand Theft Auto VI and all of the files from the long-cancelled game Bully 2 have also been released.

In an X post, YouTuber SKizzleAXE released screenshots from the leak. The GTA 5 source code is included, displaying an early version of the game’s map. Additionally, it implies that GTA 6 was formerly known as “Project Americas.” A file for Bully 2, which is reportedly going to be released as the follow-up to 2006’s Bully, is also visible in the leak.

Past Leaks

In case you missed last year’s massive leak that included a ton of GTA 6 facts, many sources now say that even more information has leaked than before.  Up until recently, it was said that important information was being exchanged behind closed doors, including the source code for GTA 5, which was secretly transferred last year when a teenager used a mobile device to steal it from a hotel room.

Recent screenshots appear to indicate that it has now been shared online. Furthermore, it has been asserted that all of the files associated with Bully 2, which is the sequel to Bully from 2008, have also been compromised. Along with some early conceptual elements from Grand Theft Auto V, including an early version of the game’s map, new Python code from GTA 6 has also surfaced in another leaked screenshot.

Now that the source code for Grand Theft Auto 5 is available, there are grave worries that sophisticated hacks may be developed more easily. As new sources come to light about the leaks, this story continues to evolve.

In September 2022, a group of adolescent hackers named Arion Kurtaj released over ninety movies, which is regarded as the largest leak in video game history. A psychiatric examination last week resulted in his sentencing of an indefinite stay in hospital jail.

One of the three major characters in Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor, and a jet pack were mentioned in a database file that was released in November of this year. Additionally, a string pertaining to Bully 2, which has been long-rumored to be in development, was released. A 2018 article had earlier said that the sequel would be out that year. Regarding Bully 2, no formal announcement has been made as of yet.

No comments from Rockstar

It’s unclear how this will impact either of the Grand Theft Auto games as Rockstar hasn’t commented on the matter yet. This information breach also occurred only one week after the Insomniac Ransomware attack, which exposed innumerable Sony papers, the studio’s 2032 plan, teasers for the next Wolverine game, and even a PC version of the game.

Hopefully, the leak won’t affect GTA 6’s production and release, which, based on its mega-hit trailer, is scheduled for release in 2025. But, because the code is publicly public, GTA 5 hacks may become much more refined.