Rent Dedicated/server – Your Configurations Are Possible

Are you looking for a web server that makes your business website highly responsive and stores data securely in backup storage? Well, a dedicated/server, known for its fast speed and security, is a good hosting option. For enterprises, the dedicated server optimizes all performance and manages the data. So, rent dedicated servers if you aim to control your business, run a website, and manage your data. Unlike VDS or VPS, a physical machine is equipped with all resources.

So, in this article, I will tell you about the necessity of a dedicated server, its use, advantages, and disadvantages. Stay with us to find out how this article can be beneficial for your website.

Why do you need a dedicated/physical server?

Whether you have a VPS or a VDS, a dedicated server is the best choice for you. The multiple options available include customization to create configuration provided by this physical device. Here are the reasons why you need a dedicated/physical server.

1- High-speed connection

A dedicated server enables high-speed connection due to unshared bandwidth to the organization. Well, this is facilitated through a physical device that allows direct network access to only a single user or a corporation. Additionally, all the resources are allocated to a dedicated server. In contrast, shared hosting, which accommodates multiple users using different resources, doesn’t allow high-speed connection.

2- Less risk of a virus attack

Solely focusing on the dedicated server rent, it’s important to prioritize minimizing the risk. Virus attacks can damage your data, leading to a loss for your corporation. For that, the dedicated/physical server restricts access to a third party or any malicious software. 

In what cases is a dedicated server used?

Getting the best hardware configuration at a limited rent can be beneficial for any reputable organization. Before that, it’s vital to analyze your budget and the specific uses of dedicated/physical servers. There are various cases the dedicated server is used. 

1- High traffic website

VPS hosting may not be worthy for high-traffic websites. The slow website loading speed can be risky for your business worth. Although, the dedicated server is ideal for a high-traffic website due to its multiple resources. 

2- Data control and security

Those handling a large data file can look after the best web server. A dedicated server becomes essential for your website security and managing the data. 

Advantages of Dedicated Server

Undoubtedly, the dedicated server is worthy because of its power supply capability. For enterprise owners, it helps to control the users and improve the website’s performance. Ultimately, it develops the trust between businesses and clients. Let’s explore the detailed advantages. 

1- Complete management and customization

Once you rent a dedicated server, you can gain complete management and customization options. This can include monitoring server performance, managing the user account, and permissions. Also, this server allows advanced features to upgrade software and monitor security against potential threats or viruses. To fully control the physical server, you can decide on the tool you want and access it from your hosting provider at

2- Improve Performance

Dedicated servers offer high performance by allocating resources, such as CPU, bandwidth, RAM, and storage. However, the main reason for improving performance is faster loading speed, resulting from all resources allocated in a dedicated server. However, it enhances the website loading time and traffic to the websites.

3- Secure and reliable

The best thing about physical servers is reliability and security. Yet, users can customize security measures according to their needs.  Antivirus solutions and a robust firewall can deployed to ensure safety against any potential threat to your data or websites. However, physical servers have a dedicated IP address, minimizing the risk of danger due to their distinct identity. 

Moreover, DeltaHost’s reliability ensures that your website won’t experience downtime due to the activity of other users. Additionally, it secures companies engaged in various transactions over SSL, etc. DeltaHost provides 24/7 support to give security to your businesses.

4- Increase traffic and site speed

For enterprises, it’s crucial to enhance the website’s speed if the traffic is high. If your website speed doesn’t improve, the bounce rate will negatively impact the website, and business may fall. Optimizing hard drives and allocation of resources make the server speedy. Undoubtedly, the dedicated server is the best option to improve traffic and website speed.

5- Backup data

Regular backup and configuration are crucial for any company to stand out in the market competition. However, automatic backup using a dedicated physical server ensures the safety of a business.

Disadvantages of Dedicated/server

There are various benefits of a dedicated physical server, but it’s essential to consider the drawbacks of using them. 

1- Required technical expertise 

Unlike other resources, the dedicated server requires technical expertise. Anybody using the different resources can be restricted to rent dedicated servers. If someone has years of expertise in using multiple resources, encounter themselves determined to access the dedicated server functionality. For that, it is crucial to be aware of the server backup and troubleshooting issues for processing the physical server. In contrast, workers may face technical problems due to a lack of knowledge to use servers. However, with Deltahost’s dedicated server rent, you can get assistance using a physical server. 

2- High cost

Ultimately, the server that provides exclusive resources is more expensive than other hosting. That is why the dedicated server allows high specification, customization, security, and data backup. Besides, VPS hosting allows fewer options at less cost. 

Final words

Renting a dedicated server for a well-established, high-traffic website can be a good choice. Undoubtedly, it reduces the risk of virus attacks and ensures high-speed connection. The DeltaHost ensures management and customization of the dedicated/physical server. However, for improving the website performance and making it secure or reliable, the dedicated server remains the best solution. With this provider, you can get 24/7 support and relocate your website without losing data.