MS Dhoni Backs Tagda Raho: A Fitness Startup Reviving Traditional Training Techniques MS Dhoni, has recently invested in the fitness startup Tagda Raho.

Renowned former Indian cricket captain, MS Dhoni, has recently invested in the fitness startup Tagda Raho. This partnership seeks to propel Tagda Raho’s influence across India by merging traditional Indian fitness equipment with contemporary training technologies. This piece delves into the specifics of the investment, Tagda Raho’s distinctive fitness methodology, and the potential influence of MS Dhoni in promoting traditional training practices.

Dhoni’s Strategic Investment in Tagda Raho

In a calculated move, MS Dhoni has chosen to invest in Tagda Raho, a fitness startup founded by Rishabh Malhotra in 2020. This investment is expected to act as a catalyst for Tagda Raho’s nationwide expansion. Dhoni, recognized for his shrewd business instincts, has expressed his inclination to support grassroots-level growth in startups, aligning this investment with his broader participation in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Unique Fitness Programs by Tagda Raho

Tagda Raho stands out by offering fitness programs that seamlessly integrate traditional Indian workout tools like Gada, Mudgars, Vajra, and Sumtola with state-of-the-art training applications. The startup’s approach harmonizes age-old fitness practices with modern technology, providing a distinctive and innovative fitness experience. This blend caters to a diverse audience seeking effective and culturally rooted fitness routines.

Presently operating training dugouts in Bengaluru, Tagda Raho is set to inaugurate its first dugout in Maharashtra next month. The startup envisions extending its presence to four to five additional states in the upcoming year. This strategic expansion encompasses both physical training locations and a robust online presence, enabling individuals from various regions to access Tagda Raho’s fitness programs and equipment.

Dhoni’s Insight into Tagda Raho

MS Dhoni has conveyed his excitement about Tagda Raho, emphasizing the innovative revival of forgotten workout practices. He envisions the startup’s potential to reintroduce traditional fitness methods to a broader audience. Additionally, Dhoni underscores the applicability of Tagda Raho’s fitness programs for athletes, contributing to maintaining optimal fitness levels and preventing injuries.

Tagda Raho affirms that its training programs and equipment have received acknowledgment within the sports sector. Allegedly, teams such as Lucknow Super Giants, Haryana Steelers, and the National Cricket Academy (NCA) have incorporated the offerings provided by Tagda Raho. With patented modular equipment, the startup enables customization and flexibility, addressing the unique requirements of various users, including those in the realm of professional sports.

Tagda Raho’s Global Vision

Founder Rishabh Malhotra envisions expanding Tagda Raho’s training dugouts not only across India but also into international markets. The startup aspires to showcase the global potential of traditional Indian fitness practices, highlighting their impact on a worldwide scale. This global perspective aligns with the increasing popularity of diverse fitness practices and holistic wellness approaches.

MS Dhoni’s investment in Tagda Raho coincides with the growing awareness of health and wellness in India. The fitness and wellness market has witnessed significant growth, drawing attention from investors, including celebrities from various fields. Dhoni’s involvement contributes to the trend of public figures endorsing and investing in ventures promoting physical well-being.

Celebrities Shaping the Fitness Investment Landscape

The trend of celebrities investing in fitness and wellness startups is evident, with figures like Shilpa Shetty, Rakul Preet Singh, and Kriti Sanon actively participating. Each has chosen diverse avenues, from nutraceutical brands to fitness nutrition startups, reflecting the evolving landscape of health-conscious investments. MS Dhoni’s support of Tagda Raho aligns with this broader trend.

MS Dhoni’s decision to invest in this fitness startup is not just a calculated financial maneuver; it also serves as a cultural affirmation of traditional Indian fitness methodologies. The amalgamation of age-old workout tools with contemporary training methods positions Tagda Raho as an exceptional entity in the fitness sector. With the expansion of its reach under Dhoni’s support, the startup endeavors not only to serve the Indian fitness community but also to leave a global imprint, highlighting the cultural wealth embedded in traditional Indian fitness practices on an international scale.