How To Upgrade the Seneschal in Diablo 4 A guide on Upgrading the Seneschal in Diablo 4

Diablo 4, the highly anticipated online action RPG from Blizzard Entertainment, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release on June 5, 2023. Available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Windows, the game introduces players to a captivating world where they choose from five distinct classes and engage in combat to fulfill quests. With its blend of familiar features and innovative additions like an open world and player versus player combat, Diablo 4 has garnered praise for its compelling narrative and atmospheric design, resulting in positive reviews. Within just five days of release, the game achieved a remarkable $666 million in revenue, highlighting its undeniable success in the gaming market.

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Upgrading the Seneschal in Diablo 4 

  1. Quest Context: setting off on the “Drums of the Vault” quest in Diablo 4 Season 3 introduces players to the crucial task of upgrading the Seneschal, a robot companion, essential for progressing in the main storyline.
  2. The Brazier Bug: Many players encounter a hurdle during the Seneschal upgrade process, struggling to interact with the brazier. To overcome this issue, a simple yet effective solution involves restarting Diablo 4 and returning to the Seneschal upgrade task at the brazier. Once successful, engage with the brazier and insert the Pearl of Warding into the fire.
  3. Bug Workaround: For those facing persistent bugs, a workaround involves continuous relogging or restarting the game. After each login, attempt the Seneschal upgrade at the brazier, repeating this process until an official fix is released.
  4. Crafting Stones for Seneschal Enhancement: Enhancing the Seneschal’s capabilities requires the crafting of Tuning and Governing Stones. Utilize Shattered Stone materials to create Stone Caches, available at any Jeweler in Sanctuary.
  5. Stone Crafting Process: Collect Shattered Stone materials by defeating enemy Constructs in Vaults, participating in Arcane Tremors, or disassembling new traps in Vaults. The crafting process introduces an element of chance with randomness in stone types. This unpredictability adds an exciting dimension to Seneschal enhancement.
  6. Optimizing Seneschal: Maximize the Seneschal’s potential by fusing extra stones into main slots, rapidly leveling up its abilities for late-game effectiveness in Diablo 4 Season 3. Unleash the full power of your companion for a gaming experience like never before.

Making Your Seneschal Companion Stronger 

To strengthen your Seneschal companion in Diablo 4 Season 3, focus on leveling up your character, as the companion’s strength scales with your character’s level. Elevate the Seneschal’s capabilities by equipping Governing Stones and Tuning Stones, acquired through Vaults and Wardwoven Chests. Governing Stones determine attack types, while Tuning Stones enhance skills, offering a dynamic and customizable upgrade path.

Optimization is key – equip two Governing Stones and six Tuning Stones for a personalized build. Discover these stones through exploration or battles, and craft them at any Jeweler in Sanctuary. By strategically combining these stones, you ensure a potent ally in the Season of the Construct’s challenging encounters.

How to Upgrade the Seneschal at the Brazier in Diablo 4 – Troubleshooting the “Drums of the Vault” Quest:

To address the “Drums of the Vault” quest issue, restart Diablo 4 and return to the Seneschal upgrade task at the brazier. Upon success, interact with the brazier and insert the Pearl of Warding to complete the upgrade.

When tasked with upgrading the construct at the brazier behind Ayuzhan, players often face challenges interacting with it. This seemingly straightforward task becomes perplexing when the bug persists. Fear not; there’s a workaround to keep your progress flowing and XP farming uninterrupted.

Fix and Complete Drums of the Vault Quest 

  1. Attempt to interact with the brazier behind Ayuzhan.
  2. Restart Diablo 4 and return to The Gatehall.
  3. Once fixed, interact with the brazier and place a Pearl of Warding.
  4. Witness the Seneschal’s powerful upgrade.

The only fix for the bug is to constantly reload or restart Diablo 4. Each login or game restart presents an opportunity to attempt the construct upgrade at the brazier. Persistence is key – keep trying until a hotfix or official patch resolves the issue.

When the Drums of the Vault quest functions as intended in Diablo 4, a menu will appear, similar to any other altar in the game. Place a Pearl of Warding into The Gatehall Brazier behind Ayuzhan to establish a crucial storyline communication link between you and him.