How to Turn Off Opera Startup Sound A Quick Guide on How to Turn Off Opera Startup Sound

Opera is a well-liked web browser that plays a startup sound when you begin the application. Opera is noted for its speed and versatility. While some users might find this feature useful, others might find it intrusive or superfluous. Thankfully, disabling Opera’s opening sound is a simple procedure. We’ll walk you through how to turn off the startup sound and improve your browsing experience in this article.

Getting to Opera Settings

Start by launching the Opera web browser on your PC. Search for the Opera menu, which is often found in the browser window’s upper-left corner. A list of options drops down when you click on the menu.

Accessing Advanced Settings

Locate and pick the “Settings” option from the Opera menu. This will bring up a new tab with further customization and setup options. We must open the advanced settings in order to turn off the startup sound.

Finding the Browser Section

There is a sidebar on the left side of the Settings tab. Locate and select the “Advanced” section. By doing this, the menu will grow and new browser customization choices will become visible.

Locating User Interface Sounds

Look for the “User interface” area under the Advanced section. This section contains settings for the look and feel of the browser. Once you reach the “Enable the startup sound” option, scroll down.

Turning Off the Startup Sound

Click the “Enable the startup sound” button and remove the checkmark from the box that appears. By doing this, the Opera startup sound will be turned off. The next time you start Opera, you should notice a quieter startup as the changes take effect instantly.

Restarting Opera and Saving Changes

After turning off the opening sound, be sure to save your modifications. Within the Settings tab, look for a “Save” or “Apply” button; these are often found towards the bottom. To confirm your settings, click on it. To enjoy the sound-free startup, close the Settings tab and open Opera again.

Verifying the Changes

Close Opera entirely and open it again to make sure the startup sound is actually disabled. If everything went according to plan, the startup sound ought to be gone.


In conclusion, you may tailor your surfing experience to your tastes by easily disabling the Opera launch sound. Through these actions and browser settings, you can get a more customised browsing environment and a quieter startup. Turning off the starting sound is a simple and quick procedure, regardless of whether you are a new user exploring Opera’s capabilities or an experienced user trying to make tweaks.