How To Play Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 A guide on Playing Zombies in Modern Warfare 3

Zombies mode brings an unparalleled thrill to players. This iteration, known as Operation Deadbolt, invites you to a supernatural encounter with Zakhaev and the nefarious Terminus Outcomes group, all within the largest Call of Duty Zombies map ever.

Credits – ONEEsports

Operation Deadbolt

Modern Warfare Zombies introduces a player-versus-environment (PvE) mode, unleashing a massive open-world alongside your online squad. The mission? To navigate unique story-based missions, tackle challenges, and survive against both the living armies of Terminus Outcomes and the relentless undead. The storyline unfolds in the massive open world of the EZ, compelling you to complete contracts, earn Essence, collect Acquisitions, and unravel the mysteries within.

Recruit and Arm

Before diving into the chaos of Modern Warfare Zombies, assembling a formidable strike team is paramount. Operators from Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare III are at your disposal, each equipped with five customizable equipment slots. These slots house everything from killstreaks to armor, gas masks, and medical items. Choose wisely; your survival depends on it.

Your arsenal is equally critical. Two primary weapons or a primary and secondary weapon can accompany you into the fray. These weapons fall into two categories: Insured and Contraband. Insured weapons, leveled up or enhanced with attachments, await resurrection after extraction failure. On the flip side, Contraband weapons, found during missions and extracted, are lost permanently if abandoned. Tactical and lethal items, along with field upgrades unique to the mode, add layers to your strategic choices.

Acquisitions and Schematics

As you embark on missions and survive the onslaught, the spoils come in the form of Acquisitions and Schematics. Acquisitions, single-use items providing a temporary edge, fill your rucksack. Schematics, discovered between deployments, allow you to craft your own Acquisitions. The cooldown period after use ensures a thoughtful approach to deployment.

Perk-a-Cola replaces the Vest, Gloves, Boots, and Gear Perk system, offering a boost to various in-game attributes. Ammo Mods, featuring Brain Rot, Cryo Freeze, Dead Wire, Napalm Burst, and Shatter Blast, augment your weapon’s capabilities. The elusive Wonder Weapons, crafted from schematics, promise unparalleled power, with specific details remaining classified.

Navigating the Urzikstan’s Exclusion Zone

Modern Warfare Zombies unfolds as a multi-layered epic, featuring tiered missions across three acts. Not every mission is immediately accessible, adding an element of progression and anticipation. Completion rewards, including Acquisitions, cosmetic items, and Double XP tokens, are visible before mission selection, adding strategic depth to your choices.

The missions themselves encompass a range of activities. Contracts allow you to earn Essence, the in-game currency, and obtain Acquisitions. Upgrading your weapons and gear using Essence at machines across the map is essential for progress. Successful extractions provide a head start on your next deployment, allowing you to keep acquired items.

The Tac-Map in Modern Warfare Zombies reveals crucial elements:

  • Buy Stations: Essential for purchasing Killstreaks, Gas Masks, and other essentials.
  • Perk-a-Cola Machine: Enhance your talents with beverages.
  • Pack-a-Punch Machine: Upgrade your current weapon at a cost.
  • Wall Buys: Interact with outlines of weaponry on building walls to purchase needed weapons.
  • Mystery Boxes: Unveil randomly generated prizes, often including weapons of varying rarity and occasionally a coveted Wonder Weapon.

In Modern Warfare Zombies, success hinges on strategic recruitment, meticulous loadout selection, and mastering the art of acquisition and deployment. As you navigate the sprawling Urzikstan Exclusion Zone, facing living and undead adversaries, the saga of Operation Deadbolt unfolds. Are you ready to embrace the undead challenge and emerge victorious from the EZ? The undead await your arrival, and the fate of the world lies in your hands. Get ready to dive into the thrilling abyss of Modern Warfare III’s Zombies mode!