How to Make Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

A wide variety of potions are available in the game Minecraft, which is renowned for its limitless possibilities and creative flexibility, to help players on their journeys. The Water Breathing elixir is one such elixir that may be essential for underwater exploration. We’ll take you step-by-step through the making of this elixir in this guide, which will improve your ability to survive in Minecraft’s watery environments.

Getting the components Ready

Gathering the components is a prerequisite for making a Water Breathing Potion. The essential elements consist of:

Nether Wart:

  • Find Nether Fortresses by travelling into the Nether dimension.
  • Look about the stronghold for a Nether Wart. Break the blocks to harvest.


  • Get a fishing pole and throw it into any water body.
  • Hold out for a bite; if you manage to reel it in, you might catch a pufferfish.

Powder Blaze:

  • Go to the Nether and take out Blaze gangs.
  • Gather Blaze Rods and use a crafting table to make them into Blaze Powder.

Redstone Dust (more dust, if desired):

  • Mine redstone ore that is hidden in fortresses or caverns.
  • Make use of an iron pickaxe to collect Redstone Dust.

Making the Water Breathing Potion

Using the brewing stand, prepare the Water Breathing Potion now that you have all the required ingredients. Take these actions:

Brewing Stand:

  • Using a flame rod and three cobblestones, construct a brewing stand.
  • Set the brewing stand down on the earth.

Blaze Powder:

  • Launch the interface for the brewing stand.
  • To power the brewing stand, insert Blaze Powder into the fuel slot.

Adding Water Bottles:

  • Fill the bottom three slots of the brewing stand with water bottles.

Nether Wart:

  • Insert Nether Wart into the brewing stand’s upper slot.
  • Watch as the water bottles transform into strange concoctions as the brewing process comes to an end.


  • Include the Pufferfish in the  the brewing stand.
  • Allow the brewing process to finish, transforming the awkward potions into Water Breathing Potions.

Redstone Dust (optional):

  • For an extended duration, add Redstone Dust to the brewing stand after the Pufferfish.
  • Wait for the brewing process to conclude.

Using the Water Breathing Potion

After it has been prepared, you can use the potion. Take it before you jump into any body of water, and it will enable you to breathe underwater for a predetermined amount of time. This potion will help you survive in the watery areas of Minecraft by helping you explore shipwrecks, ocean monuments, and other underwater buildings.


In conclusion, developing your potion-making skills in Minecraft creates new opportunities for exploration and survival. If you want to explore the oceans in the game, the Water Breathing Potion is a great tool. This is a simple potion to make, and with the correct materials and a brewing station, you can confidently go on aquatic adventures. Toast to your enhanced swimming abilities in the realm of Minecraft.