How to Lift the Shadow Curse BG3

Players have been enthralled by Larian Studios’ much awaited role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3 because of its intricate plot and difficult tasks. The Shadow Curse, an enigmatic illness that afflicts game characters, is one particularly fascinating difficulty. Act Two of Baldur’s Gate 3 sees the almost complete extinction of bright skies and lush vegetation as you enter a desolate battlefield plagued by the shadow curse, which depletes your hit points unceasingly and turns the fallen into hostile undead.

Although there are short-term ways to protect yourself from the evil consequences, the curse grows more potent the further you go, making it, at best, a nuisance and, at worst, fatal. But it is possible to do what Halsin was unable to do, and that is to rid the land of the shadow curse once and for all. It’s not going to be simple to break Ketheric’s curse, but this guide will show you the way.

We’ll go into detail in this article on how to break the Shadow Curse and bring your heroes back to full glory.

Recognising the Shadow Curse

It’s important to recognise the Shadow Curse and how it impacts your characters before we move on to the remedy. The curse is a strong, evil magical enchantment that can limit your character’s skills and increase the difficulty of combat. Overcoming the curse’s consequences requires understanding how it spreads and recognising its symptoms.


The quest that leads to the lifting of the shadow curse is a difficult and drawn-out one that takes up most of Act Two. Here’s a little explanation:

  • Act One: Invite Halsin to your camp.
  • Proceed to Act Two by means of the Underdark or the Mountain Pass.
  • Track down and awaken Art Cullagh in the Last Light Inn (or, in the event that Art passes away, use Speak With Dead to get information from him).
  • Aid Halsin in bringing Thaniel back from the Shadowfell.
  • Track down and win over Thaniel’s other half, Oliver.
  • Beat Thorm Ketheric.

Identifying the Symptoms

There are several ways in which the Shadow Curse can appear, including diminished fighting prowess, diminished skills, and an overall sense of unwellness. Make sure to keep a careful check on your characters for any indications of the curse, and take swift action if you do.

Tracing the Source

You must locate the source of the Shadow Curse in order to remove it. Examine the places your characters have been and take note of any experiences they may have had with eerie or cursed beings. Finding the core reason requires careful observation and in-depth investigation.

Looking for Clues and Lore

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a plethora of hints and lore that can shed light on the Shadow Curse’s beginnings. Explore the game world, read books, and converse with NPCs to gather information that may lead you to a solution.

Putting Together a Diverse Party

Some characters in your group might be able to help lift the Shadow Curse because they have special skills or knowledge. Putting together a varied group of people with complimentary abilities can help you discover the mysteries of the curse. Make sure to take advantage of each person’s advantages.

Participating in Rituals and Ceremonies

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a number of curses that can only be lifted by participating in particular rituals or ceremonies. To free your characters from the curse, consult in-game materials, speak with skilled NPCs, and try out different magical and alchemical remedies.

Playing Around with Spellcasting

Since magic is a big part of Baldur’s Gate 3’s universe, trying out various spells and skills could help solve the Shadow Curse. Examine your spellbook, try out various combinations, and don’t be afraid to consult magical authorities for guidance.


In conclusion, Baldur’s Gate 3’s Lifting the Shadow Curse is a difficult but worthwhile undertaking. Through identifying the signs, tracking down the origin, gathering wisdom, forming a varied group, performing ceremonies, and dabbling in sorcery, you can vanquish this enigmatic malady and carry on with your heroic quest in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3. Investigate, explore, and let the story play out while you attempt to free your heroes from the eerie threat that haunts them.