How to Join Lobbies and Invite Friends in Remnant 2 A guide on Joining Lobbies and Inviting Friends in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 introduces an online multiplayer experience that shares similarities with its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes. However, it brings some notable changes, making it essential to understand the process of joining lobbies and inviting friends. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to seamlessly connect with other players in Remnant 2.

Credits – EpicGames

Unlocking Online Features

Before diving into the multiplayer experience, players must complete the tutorial, reach Ward 13, and activate the Worldstone to unlock online features. The game provides clear indications, both visually and through prompts, when a player’s session becomes joinable. Once this milestone is achieved, it’s time to configure lobby settings, a crucial step for a smooth multiplayer experience.

Upon reaching this point, players should promptly check their lobby settings, accessible either on the Main Menu or in-game through the System tab. There are three options to choose from: Offline, Public, and Friends Only.

Choosing the Right Setting: Offline, Public, or Friends Only

The choice of the lobby setting depends on your preference and the type of multiplayer experience you seek:

  1. Offline: Play solo without any external connections.
  2. Public: Open your session to random players looking for a cooperative adventure.
  3. Friends Only: Limit access to your session, allowing only friends to join.

Picking A Method To Join Another Game: Different Players Prefer Different Methods

Now that your session is set up, it’s time to explore the various methods for joining another player’s game. Remnant 2 offers three convenient ways to connect with friends:

  1. Joining through the Worldstone
  2. Joining through the game service overlay (Steam, Epic Games, Playstation, Xbox, etc.)
  3. Accepting an invite through the game service overlay.

Method 1: Joining Through Worldstone (In-Game Method)

To join a game through the Worldstone, interact with any large Worldstone, usually found in Ward 13. Navigate to the ‘Join Game’ option at the bottom right-hand side of the radial World Map selection. This menu displays joinable lobbies, indicating the host’s name, selected difficulty, game mode (Campaign or Adventure), Power Level of their world, and the number of players present. Friends are easily identifiable, as their screen name appears below the map’s name.

Method 2 & 3: Joining Through The Overlay & Through An Invite

For those preferring the overlay, either press Shift+Tab for Steam or Shift+F3 for Epic to access the friend’s list. Right-click on your friend’s name to find the ‘Join Game’ option, provided their lobby is open. Xbox and Playstation users may find it simpler to start a party and invite friends rather than attempting direct joining through the overlay.

Understanding Remnant 2’s Multiplayer Extent

Remnant 2’s multiplayer goes beyond traditional Soulslike experiences. Unlike games that eject friends after a boss fight, Remnant 2 ensures a lasting cooperative journey. Once a player joins a friend’s session, they can remain throughout the entire campaign without interruptions. This flexibility allows for extended gameplay sessions, offering an immersive cooperative experience.

Diving into the online world of Remnant 2 is a journey with both familiar and fresh elements. As the game evolved through updates and the Awakened King DLC, multiplayer stability improved. Joining friends is straightforward, requiring players to complete the tutorial, activate the Worldstone, and configure lobby settings. Three methods cater to diverse preferences: the Worldstone, game service overlay, and invites. The seamless integration of multiplayer features distinguishes Remnant 2, allowing friends to embark on an entire campaign together. As the game gains popularity, understanding the nuances of joining lobbies ensures a smoother gaming experience in this evolving multiplayer landscape.