How To Get to Spine of Keres in Destiny 2 A guide on Getting to Spine of Keres in Destiny 2

In the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2, Emperor Calus continues to challenge guardians with enticing bounties. Among them, the Imperial Bestiary bounty stands out, leading players on a thrilling journey to the Spine of Keres in the Dreaming City. Unlike typical bounties, the rewards here are not handed over upon completion; instead, players are handed a treasure map, enticing them to explore, discover, and conquer. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of this bounty and uncover the secrets of the Spine of Keres.

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To initiate this challenge, guardians must first make their way to the Dreaming City. Upon arrival, seek out Petra Venj, the ever-vigilant guardian overseeing the city’s mysteries. Petra offers a weekly bounty tied to the Ascendant challenge, setting the stage for the Imperial Bestiary quest. Grab the bounty from Petra, brace yourself, and set forth towards the Spine of Keres, a familiar locale for those who ventured into the Dreaming City during the Forsaken expansion.

Navigating the Dreaming City

As you materialize in the Divalian Mists, chart your course towards Rheasilvia. However, veer left through the arch, setting your sights on the Oracle tower. The tower’s entrance lights up, and once inside, take a left through the door. It’s at this juncture that the enigmatic Tincture of Queensfoil becomes your key to unlocking the Ascendant Realm. This elixir not only grants access but also unveils hidden platforms, opening the door to potential shortcuts.

Now, the choice lies before you: drink the Queensfoil immediately upon exiting the tower, revealing a shortcut through visible platforms, or traverse the main path around the tower. Regardless of your choice, progress along the path, away from the tower’s rear, until you encounter rocky, grassy formations. Amidst them, a portal to the Ascendant Realm awaits, hovering just above. Leap into the portal, initiating the Imperial Bestiary challenge.

Taking on the Imperial Bestiary

The bounty itself, named Imperial Bestiary, demands players vanquish a specific number of foes from all enemy factions in Destiny 2. While not an insurmountable task, it does require time and dedication. Dispatch Skorn, Cabal, Vex, Fallen, Taken, and Hive adversaries to fill the meters and unlock the Imperial Treasure Map.

Upon completing the bounty’s requirements, consult the Imperial Treasure Map, which unmistakably points towards the Dreaming City’s Spine of Keres, concealed behind the Divalian Mists. Activate fast travel into the Mists, positioning yourself at the back-left corner, directing your gaze toward the Oracle Engine. This is where Queen Mara Sov holds court after receiving a weekly offering.

Inside the Oracle Engine building, veer left and ascend the stairs, emerging into a courtyard teeming with Taken. Swiftly navigate past them, descending the stairs and crossing the path. Continue your journey over a bridge adorned with a conspicuous blue crystal protruding from the wall, traversing yet another courtyard. Finally, as you cross two expansive bridges, the treasure chest materializes, nestled in the foliage to the right, overlooking the ledge.

Iron Banner’s Return

In tandem with the regular reset of bounties, the return of Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner to the Tower adds another layer of excitement to Destiny 2. While the gameplay mechanics remain unchanged, Bungie has revamped the acquisition of gear in season 7. Iron Banner bounties now take center stage as the primary source of the new armor, offering powerful rewards upon completion.

Dive into the Iron Banner experience by tackling various objectives outlined in the bounties. Successful completion not only rewards guardians with the associated gear piece but also adds it to the Iron Banner loot pool. This innovative approach empowers players to turn in tokens for a chance at diverse or improved rolls, injecting a fresh dynamic into the pursuit of powerful gear.