How To Get Lionel’s Armour in Elden Ring A guide on Getting Lionel’s Armour in Elden Ring

In a challenging soulslike game such as Elden Ring, where battles against powerful foes are the norm, choosing the right armor can improve your odds dramatically. Lionel’s armor set emerges as a solid choice, offering exceptionally high physical damage resistance . For those facing the brutal strength of Malenia, this armor becomes an extremely useful asset. Let’s delve into the secrets of obtaining and maximizing the potential of Lionel’s Armor in Elden Ring.

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Starting the journey in Elden Ring, players are equipped with a basic armor set unless they opt for the Wretch class, which starts without any armor. However, the default armor sets for most starting classes are often mediocre or subpar, urging players to seek better alternatives. FromSoftware has generously provided over 140 armor sets, introducing a new standard for fashion in the soulsborne genre.

Amidst this myriad of choices, players encountering the formidable Malenia will find solace in Lionel’s Armor set. This set is crafted to counter Malenia’s common Slash and Pierce attacks, providing a strategic advantage in battles against this challenging boss. Paired with accessories like the Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman, Black Flame’s Protection, or the consumable Boiled Prawn, Lionel’s Armor elevates the player’s ability to withstand Malenia’s onslaught.

Questline for Lionel’s Armor Set

Lionel’s armor set is a valued possession worn by Lionel the Lionhearted, first encountered as an NPC summon during the General Radahn fight and later as an invader in Fia’s questline. What sets Lionel apart is that his armor doesn’t drop upon defeat. To claim this exceptional armor set, players must journey to the building near the Lower Capital Church site of grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

To reach this location, players must first gain access to Leyndell by overcoming two shard bearers and the formidable Draconic Tree Sentinel guarding the Royal Capital entrance. Shard bearers like Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and Godrick the Grafted offer relatively easier challenges. After obtaining two great runes from them, proceed to the Altus Plateau and follow the Altus Highway eastward.

Overcoming the Draconic Tree Sentinel, a challenging enemy guarding the entrance, requires strategy. Casting Poison Mist from a sneaky position can be a clever tactic. Alternatively, for those seeking a more direct challenge, facing the boss head-on grants access to Leyndell.

Once victorious, players find themselves at the East Capital Rampart. From here, take the west exit, head south past Oracle Envoys, and reach the Avenue Balcony grace site. Players can choose to navigate through buildings or opt for parkour on the roofs, with caution against swift imps guarding the way. Descending from Avenue Balcony, head northwest, turn left after leaving the room, and jump into the damaged town on the left.

Look for the building housing the Lower Capital Church site of grace. Next to this grace site, players will discover Lionel’s complete armor set on a burnt corpse, accompanied by another armor known as Deathbed Dress.

Limitations and Considerations

It’s crucial to note that obtaining Lionel’s armor set becomes impossible after defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade. The ashes from the Erdtree render the area inaccessible, transforming the Royal Capital into the Ashen Capital. Therefore, players aspiring to acquire Lionel’s Armor should prioritize this quest before confronting Maliketh.

Analyzing Lionel’s Armor Set Stats

Understanding the statistics of Lionel’s Armor set is vital for players looking to optimize their character’s defense. The set includes a helmet, chestplate, boots, and gauntlets, offering a comprehensive defense against various types of attacks. Here’s a breakdown of its key stats:

  • Physical Absorption: 33.5
  • Vs. Strike: 31.5
  • Vs. Slash: 36.4
  • Vs. Pierce: 37.2
  • Magic Negation: 26.5
  • Fire Negation: 28.9
  • Lightning Negation: 25.6
  • Holy Negation: 26.5

Lionel’s Armor set stands out with its impressive resistance to all types of attacks, especially excelling in Physical damage resistance. The high poise of 86 further enhances its defensive capabilities, making it a reliable choice for withstanding a diverse array of attacks in Elden Ring.

However, the downside lies in its weight, boasting an equip load of 50.5. To mitigate this, players can consider utilizing Stamina or Equip Load-boosting talismans such as Erdtree’s Favor or Great-Jar’s Arsenal. Another option involves adding Winged Crystal Tear to Wondrous Flasks, temporarily reducing the equipment load for three minutes.