How to Get Alpha Pals in Palworld A guide on Getting Alpha Pals in Palworld

Alpha Pals stand as some of the mightiest companions you can find in the thriving world of Palworld. These robust pals add significant strength to your squad, making them a valuable asset. However, capturing them requires careful planning and strategic execution. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to successfully add Alpha Pals to your Pal squad, ensuring a powerful and diverse lineup.

Credits – TurtleBeachBlog

Alpha Pals are undisputed powerhouses in Palworld, making them a sought-after addition to any squad. Before attempting to capture them, understanding their strength and planning accordingly is essential. Let’s delve into the tactics to overcome the challenges posed by these formidable creatures.

Preparing for the Alpha Pal Battle

  1. Locating Alpha Pals: Alpha Pals are scattered across the Palpagos Island, conveniently marked on your map for easy identification. Whether strolling openly or concealed within dungeons, spotting them is a straightforward task.
  2. Gearing Up with Pal Spheres: To prepare for the Alpha Pal encounter, acquiring high-level Pal spheres is imperative. Equip yourself with Mega Sphere, Giga Sphere, Hyper, or even more advanced spheres if unlocked. Given the lower capture rate of Alpha Pals, maintaining an ample supply of spheres is crucial for multiple capture attempts.
  3. Choosing Your First Alpha Pal: Initiating your Alpha Pal hunting journey often begins with encountering Mammorest near the initial spawn location. However, given its level 38 strength, capturing it early on may prove challenging. Opting for the Level 11 Chillet offers a more feasible starting point.
  4. Progressive Alpha Pal Hunting: As you explore the map and unlock additional fast travel locations, diverse Alpha Pal locations will unveil themselves. Starting with lower-level ones and gradually progressing to higher levels allows for a smoother transition into Alpha Pal capturing.

Assembling Your Alpha Pal Battle Team

  1. Building a Resilient Squad: Crafting a formidable squad of pals is crucial for taking down an Alpha Pal. Since Alpha Pals tend to be formidable, having an abundance of backup pals is advisable. Keep in mind that an Alpha Pal has only one life, while you boast a squad of five pals, giving you a numerical advantage.
  2. Referencing the Palworld Type Chart: Utilize the Palworld type chart to your advantage. Maintaining a mix of pals from types that hold strength against the targeted Alpha Pal enhances your battle strategy. Rotate different pals of the same type in battle, ensuring a diversified and effective attack.

Executing the Alpha Pal Capture

  1. Initiating the Battle: Once prepared, travel to the designated location of the targeted Alpha Pal and commence the battle. Some Alpha Pals, like Kingpaca, may be guarded; prioritize eliminating the guards before focusing on the primary target.
  2. Strategic Deployment of Pals: Deploy lower-level pals initially to inflict early damage and deplete the Alpha Pal’s health. Once the Alpha Pal’s health has diminished significantly, unleash one of your strongest pals for a more impactful assault.
  3. Capturing, Not Killing: Keep in mind that your primary objective is to capture, not kill, the Alpha Pal. When the Alpha Pal is close to defeat, recall your pal and use a sphere to attempt the capture. If the Regular Pal Sphere proves ineffective, experiment with Mega Sphere or Giga Sphere, especially for higher-level Alpha Pals.

Dealing with Accidental Defeats: In the unfortunate event of accidentally killing an Alpha Pal, worry not. They respawn at the same location after an in-game day, allowing for a second chance at capture. Seize this opportunity to capture multiple Alpha Pals of the same type.