How To Find Ring of the Ravenous in Diablo 4 A guide on Finding Ring of the Ravenous in Diablo 4

Seasoned players know that acquiring unique items is a challenge in and of itself. Among these sought-after treasures, the Ring of the Ravenous stands out, especially for the Barbarian class mains. This powerful ring not only boosts crucial stats like Critical Strike Chance and Damage to Bleeding Enemies but also enhances the duration and effectiveness of the Rend skill. If you’re eager to add this gem to your collection, here’s a guide on how to secure the Ring of the Ravenous.

Credits – IGN

In the Season 3 in Diablo 4, obtaining unique items remains a top priority for players. The Ring of the Ravenous, tailored for the Barbarian class, is no exception. Its potential to augment affixes makes it a sought-after accessory for Barbarian builds. However, the journey to acquire this ring is no walk in the park and demands both luck and dedication.

Where to Find the Ring of the Ravenous

Players can obtain the Ring of the Ravenous through two primary avenues:

  1. World Tier 3 and 4 Activities: If you’re yet to reach World Tier 4 and are embarking on post-story adventures, focus on World Tier 3 activities. Engage in World and Seasonal Events, confront World Bosses, and explore Nightmare Dungeons and Vaults. While the chances of success are relatively low due to the rarity of unique items and the grind involved, it’s a viable option for those at the early stages.
  2. Beating The Beast in the Ice: For those seeking a more direct approach, challenging The Beast in the Ice Uber Boss is the key. This powerful enemy offers a higher chance of obtaining unique items, including the Ring of the Ravenous. However, success is not guaranteed, given the array of valuable items introduced in Season 3.

The Beast in the Ice Showdown

To embark on this formidable encounter, follow these steps:

  1. Reach World Tier 4: Ensure you’ve gone on to World Tier 4, as The Beast in the Ice is exclusive to this advanced stage.
  2. Journey to Kyovashad: Head to Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks area and locate Kyovashad Gatehouse in the southwestern part of the city. Venture further south to find the entrance to the Glacial Fissure dungeon.
  3. Obtain the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil: Craft this essential item by collecting 9 Distilled Fear and 250 Sigil Powder. Distilled Fear is a reward from Nightmare Dungeons Tier 30 or higher, while Sigil Powder can be acquired by trading extra Nightmare Sigils with Occultists.
  4. Prepare for Battle: With all prerequisites met, enter the dungeon, navigate through its chambers, and face The Beast in the Ice. Brace yourself for a challenging battle, and with a bit of luck, the Ring of the Ravenous could be yours.

Ring of the Ravenous Effects

Regardless of the chosen path, obtaining the Ring of the Ravenous is a time-consuming endeavor. Yet, the unique effects it brings make the journey worthwhile:

  • Increased Critical Strike Chance
  • Boosted Vulnerable Damage
  • Enhanced Ranks of All Brawling Skills
  • Augmented Damage to Bleeding Enemies

Furthermore, the Rend skill’s duration gets a significant boost of [2.0 – 4.0] seconds. Damaging enemies with Brawling Skills applies two stacks of Rend’s Bleed, with a cooldown of once every 4 seconds.

The Ring of the Ravenous in Diablo 4 is a prize worth pursuing for any Barbarian. Whether you opt for World Tier activities or confront The Beast in the Ice, the rewards promise to enhance your Barbarian’s prowess.