How To Find and Catch Lyleen in Palworld A guide on Finding and Catch Lyleen in Palworld

Embarking on the vast journey within Palworld presents an array of challenges, especially when it comes to capturing the elusive Lyleen. This Pal, with its versatile abilities, can serve as an excellent farmer or contribute to Medicine production. However, the path to finding and catching Lyleen is not a walk in the park. In this guide, we will unravel the secrets to successfully capturing Lyleen without any hassles.

Credits – GamingBolt

Where to Find Lyleen

The quest to find Lyleen takes players to the farthest north-eastern corner of the Palworld game world, specifically to Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3. Getting to this sanctuary requires more than just enthusiasm; you’ll need at least one flying or water mount. These mounts are crucial for overcoming the vast water surfaces that stand between you and your destination.

As you venture into Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, exercise caution. The local Pals in this area boast high levels and potent attacks. Lyleen, while not aggressive unless provoked, shares the territory with other less-friendly inhabitants. Be prepared to fend off attacks as you navigate through this perilous sanctuary.

Equipping Yourself for The Fight

Before attempting to catch Lyleen, ensure you have strong fire-type fighters in your squad. Lyleen, being a Grass-type creature, is susceptible to fire attacks. As you traverse the sanctuary, keep an eye out for potential threats and be ready to retaliate against any attackers.

Upon spotting Lyleen, the next step is to engage in a battle. However, the objective is not to defeat but to weaken Lyleen. Overpowering Lyleen might be tempting, but it will hinder your ability to catch this valuable Pal. Instead, focus on using fire-type pets to lower Lyleen’s health without causing its demise.

If you successfully manage to subdue Lyleen, you gain access to valuable resources from its defeated body. These include Low Grade Medicine, Beautiful Flower, and an Innovative Technical Manual, making the effort worthwhile.

Lyleen’s Abilities

Beyond its potential as a resource provider, capturing Lyleen introduces a versatile Pal to your roster. Depending on its level, Lyleen exhibits a range of skills, including:

  1. Wind Cutter (1 lvl): Lyleen unleashes a high-speed wind blade targeting a single enemy.
  2. Seed Machine Gun (7 lvl): A volley of solid seeds causes radial damage to enemies in front of Lyleen.
  3. Seed Mine (15 lvl): Lyleen shoots a seed that explodes upon contact with an enemy.
  4. Aqua Burst (22 lvl): Utilizing this skill, Lyleen hurls a giant water ball at the enemy.
  5. Grass Tornado (30 lvl): Lyleen creates and directs two tornadoes at enemies.
  6. Spine Vine (40 lvl): Sharp spikes emerge from the ground, pursuing the enemy and inflicting considerable damage.
  7. Solar Blast (50 lvl): Accumulating solar energy, Lyleen releases a potent solar beam at the enemy.

Additionally, Lyleen possesses the Harvest Goddess Partner Skill, making it a proficient healer capable of restoring the player’s health during battles.

Lyleen’s Role in Your Base

Beyond its prowess in battles, Lyleen proves invaluable in various base activities, thanks to its specializations:

  1. Planting Lv4
  2. Handiwork Lv3
  3. Gathering Lv2
  4. Medicine Production Lv3

Utilizing Lyleen’s unique abilities, you can enhance your base’s efficiency across multiple areas, making it a valuable addition to your Palworld journey.

While capturing Lyleen may present challenges, the rewards far outweigh the effort. With proper preparation, strategic engagement, and an understanding of Lyleen’s abilities, you’ll soon have this remarkable Pal contributing to your success in Palworld.