How To Defeat the Root Consuming Tumor in Genshin Impact A guide on Defeating the Root Consuming Tumor in Genshin Impact

Embarking on the mystical quest within the enchanting Erinnyes Forest in Genshin Impact can be a thrilling adventure for players. The culmination of this journey lies in the final World Quest series, “The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes,” where Travelers face the formidable challenge of cleansing the roots of the Weeping Willow from a malicious threat known as the Root Consuming Tumor. In this guide, we will unravel the secrets of “Within The Depths Of Erinnyes” and provide valuable insights on how to successfully conquer this menacing foe.

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Starting the Quest

To initiate the Within The Depths Of Erinnyes quest, players need to venture east from the Marcotte Station Teleport Waypoint towards the beckoning blue quest marker at the fountain. Activating the quest sets Travelers on a path to unlock the fountain by acquiring Teardrop Keys within three distinct areas. Completion of sub-quests like Foggy Forest Path, Wilting Weeping Willow, and Furious Mouth of the Spring is necessary before the final quest automatically unlocks, prompting Travelers to return to Marcotte Station.

Unlocking the Fountain

Upon obtaining the Teardrop Keys, a cinematic cutscene unfolds as Pahsiv, the mysterious Melusine, requests the Traveler to place the keys in the fountain. Travelers can insert the keys into each statue without adhering to a specific order. Another cutscene ensues, leading to the opening of a secret passage beneath the fountain. As the water recedes, an underwater portal and a Luxurious Chest come into view, enticing players to seize the chest before entering the portal.

Navigating the Roots

After traversing the portal, Travelers find themselves in a new area with a Teleport Waypoint. Unlocking the Waypoint allows them to delve deeper into the roots of the Weeping Willow. A subsequent cutscene unveils the task at hand – cleansing the filth near the roots by eliminating the Root Consuming Tumor.

Cleansing the Root

Clearing the Contaminated Bacterial Mats surrounding the area is the preliminary step before tackling the Root Consuming Tumor. Rifthounds, lurking in the vicinity, pose a potential distraction, emphasizing the importance of dealing with them first. The Ball Octopus ability proves useful in eliminating the Contaminated Bacterial Mats, setting the stage for the main confrontation with the tumor.

The battle against the Root Consuming Tumor unfolds in stages, with additional waves of Contaminated Bacterial Mats appearing as the tumor’s health diminishes. Pahsiv intervenes, enhancing the Traveler’s abilities to efficiently eradicate multiple mats simultaneously. Shield characters are recommended to mitigate damage, and strategic dodging becomes crucial in navigating the unpredictable movements of the Bacterial Mats. Once all mats are eliminated, Travelers can focus on cleansing the Root Consuming Tumor until it vanishes.

Confronting the Rifthounds

Following the successful cleansing of the tumor, a cutscene ensues where Paimon, the Traveler, and Pahsiv discuss the aftermath. Unexpectedly, an arcane formation triggers the appearance of Rifthounds in four successive waves. While Pahsiv’s Vishap lends a hand, players must strategically employ their lineup, considering the Corrosion effect continuously applied by the Rifthounds. Healers such as Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kuki Shinobu, Bennett, Barbara, or Diona can prove invaluable in sustaining the Traveler’s team throughout the battle. Victory is achieved when the Rifthounds cease to appear, signaling the end of the confrontation.

Following the Current

The concluding cutscene sees the Traveler following a current out from beneath the Weeping Willow, engaging in a final conversation with Pahsiv. In gratitude for overcoming the challenges, Pahsiv rewards the Traveler with a generous offering of chests and money bags.

Unlocking Pahsiv’s Shop: With the completion of the Within the Depths of Erinnyes quest, players gain access to Pahsiv’s shop. Located in a small cave north of Loch Urania, Pahsiv offers a variety of Fontainian goods in exchange for Tidalga. It’s essential to note that items in the shop are a one-time purchase and do not refresh.