How To Connect Steam Deck to Meta Quest 2 & 3 A guide on Connecting Steam Deck to Meta Quest 2 & 3

The Steam Deck and Meta Quest devices stand out as incredible pieces of technology, offering unparalleled gaming experiences. If you’re eager to unite these gaming titans, allowing the powerful Steam Deck to seamlessly interact with the immersive Meta Quest 2 and 3, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make this dream gaming setup a reality.

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Steam Deck Meets Meta Quest

The Steam Deck and Meta Quest devices share a common trait, portability. Whether you’re exploring a vast library of demanding games on the Steam Deck or immersing yourself in the virtual reality wonders of Meta Quest 2 and 3, both devices provide gaming on the go. However, the real magic happens when these two worlds collide.

Users can link their Steam Deck to Meta Quest devices for a seamless gaming experience. For less demanding VR games, you can enjoy the fusion of these devices. Moreover, utilize Meta Quest’s built-in large screen for non-VR games directly from your Steam Deck. Let’s delve into the simple steps to connect your Steam Deck to Meta Quest 2 and 3, ensuring a gaming experience like never before.

Step 1: Setting Up for the Connection

Before embarking on this exciting journey, ensure you have the necessary tools at your disposal. Both Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and your trusty Steam Deck will need a third-party app known as Immersed. Follow these straightforward steps to set the stage:

  1. Check Steam Deck’s Battery: Ensure your Steam Deck has sufficient battery life or plug it into a power source.
  2. Grab a Keyboard and Mouse: For a smoother experience, use a keyboard and mouse to operate your Steam Deck like a PC.
  3. Switch to Desktop Mode: Press the Steam button below the left trackpad, navigate to “Power,” and select “Switch to Desktop Mode.”
  4. Download Immersed: Using the Steam Deck’s browser in Desktop Mode, download Immersed from the provided link.
  5. Sign Up for Immersed: Create an Immersed account. For a quicker process, sign in with your Facebook account.
  6. Execute and Continue: Access the Downloads folder, double-click on the Immersed file, and follow the prompts to execute and continue.

With Immersed successfully installed on your Steam Deck, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Connecting the Steam Deck to your Meta Quest 

Now that Immersed is installed and ready to go on your Steam Deck, it’s time to pair it up with your Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3. Here’s how you can pair them up:

  1. Put on Your Meta Quest: Slip on your Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3 headset.
  2. Meta Quest Store Magic: Head to the Meta Quest store and search for “Immersed.”
  3. Install the App: Once found, click “Install.” Be mindful of the app’s size (around 275 MB) and ensure your Meta Quest device has ample space.
  4. Launch Immersed: After installation, launch the Immersed app on your Meta Quest device.
  5. Follow the Tutorial: Familiarize yourself with the app’s features by following the tutorial on how to connect the devices.
  6. Steam Deck Connection: Make sure your Steam Deck is logged into Immersed and is within proximity.
  7. Add Computer: On your Meta Quest, click “Add Computer,” and enter the provided Username and pairing code to mirror your Steam Deck’s screen.
  8. Game On: To play Steam games, stay in Desktop Mode on the Steam Deck and launch the Steam app to access and enjoy your favorite games seamlessly.

That’s it! You’ve successfully set up your Steam Deck to play wirelessly on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. Keep in mind that a stable internet connection with decent speeds is vital for a smooth gaming experience using this method.

Bringing together innovative devices like the Steam Deck and Meta Quest series opens up a whole new range of possibilities. With Immersed acting as the bridge between these two gaming powerhouses, you can now enjoy your favorite Steam games on the immersive screens of Meta Quest 2 and 3.