How To Beat Wraith in Spider-Man 2 A guide on Beating Wraith in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 introduces an intense boss battle with Yuri Watanabe, now transformed into the menacing Wraith. Players face a formidable challenge as they strive to quell Wraith’s ruthless killings and bring her to justice. In this guide, we’ll delve into the strategies needed to conquer each phase of the Wraith boss fight, ensuring Spider-Man emerges victorious.

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Here is a brief overview on the boss fight : The encounter with Wraith initiates with her brandishing a set of scythes, posing a significant threat to Spider-Man. To navigate this phase with minimal damage, players must adopt a strategic approach. As Wraith enters the second phase, players must adapt to her evolving moveset. A new addition to her repertoire is the Crush attack, signaled by a blue circle around her head. This attack cannot be parried, requiring players to dodge. 

Wraith Phase One Strategies

Dodging Scythes and Unleashing Attacks Wraith initiates the confrontation with a display of deadly weaponry, wielding scythes attached to chains. Swift and relentless, she poses a serious threat to Spider-Man. To minimize damage during this phase, follow these tips:

  1. Evading Object Throws: Wraith often hurls objects at Spider-Man using her scythe. Dodge these attacks by pressing the Circle Button and stay close by pressing the Triangle Button. This prevents her from executing throw moves effectively.
  2. Counter-Attacking: When Wraith slashes or slides across the floor, parry or dodge the first two moves. For the third move, indicated by a yellow ring, execute a parry. Seize the opportunity to pummel Wraith with basic fist attacks, aiming to deplete her health to around 50%.
  3. Aggressive Approach at 50% Health: As Wraith becomes more aggressive, players should counter her attacks with a combination of parries and punches. Utilize Spider-Man’s special abilities (L1 + Circle/Triangle/Square/X) and gadgets such as the Web-Shooters and Web Grabber to stun Wraith, creating openings for further attacks.

Wraith Phase Two Strategies

Dodging Crush Attacks and Navigating Smoke Bombs Once Wraith’s health reaches 0%, the second phase commences, introducing new challenges. Players must adapt to Wraith’s evolving tactics:

  1. Crush Attacks: Wraith introduces a Crush attack marked by a blue circle around her head. Unlike the first phase, this move cannot be parried; players must dodge to avoid it. Stick close to Wraith using the Triangle button, preventing her from gaining distance and executing this attack effectively.
  2. Constant Pressure: Maintain proximity to Wraith, applying pressure when it’s safe. Attack only after countering her moves or identifying openings in her pattern. Be vigilant, and use Triangle to zip to her when she attempts to create distance.
  3. Disorientating Smoke Bombs at 75% Health: In this phase, Wraith disorients Spider-Man with smoke bombs. Players should rely on their senses, listening for Wraith’s movements and watching their Spider-Senses to dodge her attacks. Avoid attempting to punch her until Spider-Man’s vision returns to normal.
  4. Optimizing Abilities and Punches: Once vision is restored, unleash Spider-Man’s abilities and punches to chip away at Wraith’s health. Be cautious with the Focus meter, reserving it for healing if needed. For enhanced capabilities, consider tackling the Wraith boss fight with the Black Suit, offering a robust arsenal of abilities and the formidable L3 + R3 Symbiote Surge mode.

Spider-Man enthusiasts navigating the tumultuous boss fight should capitalize on Wraith’s vulnerabilities during the initial phase, dodging her scythe attacks with timely button presses and exploiting moments of weakness. As the battle intensifies at the 50% health mark, players should unleash Peter Parker’s special abilities and deploy gadgets like Web-Shooters and Web Grabber for a tactical advantage. Phase Two introduces new challenges, with Wraith’s Crush attack demanding nimble dodges and close-quarters combat. Staying vigilant during disorienting smoke bomb phases and wisely managing the Focus meter are pivotal for success. Equipping the Black Suit amplifies Spider-Man’s prowess, ensuring a triumphant conclusion to the Wraith boss fight.