How To Beat the Nightweaver in Diablo 4 A guide on Beating the Nightweaver in Diablo 4

Facing the Nightweaver in Diablo 4 might seem like a daunting task, especially for newcomers to the series. This ethereal adversary can be challenging, particularly when she transitions into her second phase. However, fear not! With the right tactics and strategies, players can send the Nightweaver back to the abyss from whence she came. Let’s delve into the details of this boss battle and discover the secrets to overcoming this spectral foe.

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Nightweaver’s First Phase

The initial phase of the battle is surprisingly the easiest. Despite her eerie appearance, Nightweaver’s attacks are predictable, except for one. Her slow ice projectiles may look menacing, but they’re a breeze to dodge if you keep your distance. You don’t even have to break a sweat; just sidestep or sprint away to avoid them while conserving stamina.

The boss’s melee attacks, a charging arm swipe and a tail swipe lunge, might seem tricky, but here’s the scoop: roll toward Nightweaver, and you’ll dodge your way out of harm’s reach. Just be cautious, as she follows up with a ground slam that covers a deceptively large area.

Our winning strategy involves maintaining a safe distance, encouraging Nightweaver to unleash her projectile attacks. Armed with upgraded weapons and damage-dealing mods, you can chip away at her health swiftly. Once she’s down, it’s on to the challenging second phase.

The Second Phase

Once you’ve triggered the second phase, buckle up. Nightweaver teleports you to an asylum, and she’s ready to throw a more aggressive party. Melee attacks, ice projectiles – she’s got it all, and the space is tighter now.

To dance with her in style, choose the main lobby. It’s spacious, perfect for dodging, and helps you avoid surprise wall grabs or a swarm of exploding bugs. Consider the Enigma as your sidekick against her pesky minions.

Her attacks come more frequently, but fear not! They’re dodgeable. Just keep an eye out for her grab attack, which leeches health, and the lethal ice ball/leap combo. These can be tricky, but you’ve got this! Pro tip: Stay in the lobby, let her do her thing, and be patient. A secondary weapon with the Scrap Shot mod can put a damper on her mobility.

Nightweaver Alternate Kill

Now, for the cherry on top – Nightweaver’s alternate kill. It’s a bit tough, but the rewards are worth it. Beat her, and you’ll get Nightfall, an automatic rifle with infinite ammo and lifesteal. Who wouldn’t want that?

To perform the alternate kill, target Nightweaver’s heart when she summons exploding insect pets. Her chest opens up, exposing the heart. Shoot it to inflict Weakspot damage. Keep at it until she glows blue. Defeat her in this state, and she drops the Nightweaver’s Finger item, a key ingredient for crafting Nightshade.

Watch out for her grab attack in the second phase, though. It restores her heart, and you’ll have to break it again. Her heart is only exposed when she’s spawning bugs while hanging onto the ceiling indoors.

Fighting the Nightweaver in Diablo 4 demands a combination of skill, strategy, and adaptability. By mastering the intricacies of her attack patterns and leveraging effective weapons and mods, players can emerge victorious and reap the rewards she offers. Whether it’s the Nightfall rifle or the coveted Nightshade claw weapons, facing the Nightweaver becomes a triumphant journey with the right knowledge and tactics. This guide equips players with the insights to navigate her two phases, offering a roadmap to triumph over one of Remnant 2’s most formidable foes. Whether opting for a straightforward victory or the challenge of breaking her heart.