How To Beat Ketheric Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3 A guide on Beating Ketheric Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 presents players with the formidable challenge of facing General Ketheric Thorm, the indomitable leader of the Absolute’s armies, in a climactic Act Two showdown. With an intricate two-phase battle structure, defeating Thorm demands strategic prowess and careful planning. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the tips and tactics necessary to triumph over Ketheric Thorm and his subsequent transformation into the formidable Apostle of Myrkul.

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Phase One: The Encounter with Ketheric Thorm

As players traverse the Shadow Cursed lands, they encounter Ketheric Thorm during Act Two’s midsection. The key to success in the initial phase is liberating the Nightsong from the clutches of the Shadowfell, thereby stripping Thorm of his invulnerability. Here are crucial tips for conquering Phase One:

Utilize Turn Undead & AoE CC for Necrolytes

In the opening stage, Ketheric Thorm summons Necrolytes to fortify his forces. Channel Divinity power, Turn Undead, is a potent tool, particularly for Clerics. A well-placed Turn Undead can disperse Necrolytes, diminishing their threat and dealing significant damage. Keep an eye on Thorm’s Incubate Death ability, neutralizing newly spawned Necrolytes to gain an advantage in the battle.

Prioritize Nightsong’s Well-being & Buffs

The Nightsong, Dame Aylin, plays a pivotal role in the confrontation. Safeguard her health as she contributes significantly to the overall damage output. Designate a support-focused party member to ensure Nightsong remains healthy and boosted. A properly buffed Nightsong can swiftly turn the tide against Ketheric Thorm, setting the stage for the subsequent phases.

Focus on Ketheric When He Reaches 40% HP

As Thorm’s invulnerability wanes and his health drops to 40%, transition into the second phase by triggering a cutscene. Engage in post-battle activities, including conversing with Jaheira and exploring the Moonrise Towers’ depths. Uncover the Mind Flayer Colony and progress through various questlines before the revelation of Ketheric Thorm’s transformation into the Apostle of Myrkul.

Phase Two: Confronting the Apostle of Myrkul

Utilize the Restoration Pod for Optimal Readiness

Before descending to face the Apostle of Myrkul, take advantage of the Restoration Pod located to the right of the elevator. This healing station restores the entire party’s HP, replenishes spell slots, and removes negative status effects. Utilize this opportunity to ensure peak condition before navigating the challenges of the Mind Flayer Colony.

Free the Nightsong 

As the battle against the Apostle of Myrkul unfolds, prioritize freeing the ensnared Nightsong. While the Apostle remains invulnerable, clearing the path to Nightsong is crucial. Employ a stealthy party member to swiftly reach her, employing tactics like invisibility, strategic movement, and careful use of actions to ensure a successful rescue.

Deploy Concentration CC & AoE Against Minions

The Apostle of Myrkul commands a legion of minions throughout the room. While direct damage to the Apostle is impossible until the Nightsong is liberated, focus on controlling the minions. Concentration crowd control (CC) and area-of-effect (AoE) spells like Hunger of Hadar and Confusion prove invaluable in neutralizing enemy threats. This strategic approach sets the stage for the final showdown with the Apostle.

Prioritize Buffing Over Healing

The Apostle of Myrkul’s Bone Chill aura nullifies healing effects, emphasizing the importance of buffing over traditional healing spells. Casters should prepare spells like Bless, Enlarge, and Freedom of Movement to enhance the party’s capabilities. Focus on damaging spells, and if a party member is at risk, use Disengage to reposition them away from danger.

Deal Maximum Damage Once Invulnerability is Lifted

Once the Nightsong is freed and the Apostle’s invulnerability dissipates, shift focus entirely to defeating the main adversary. Employ single-target melee abilities and potent AoE spells like Cloud of Daggers and Moonbeam. Timing is crucial, as dealing substantial damage within a short timeframe ensures victory before the Apostle’s minions can recover.