How Can You Care For Your Trade Show Display?

One of the most significant errors you can make at the conclusion of a trade show is not to take proper care of your booth when putting it away. Due to your weariness from the event, post-trade show booth maintenance is probably the last thing on your mind at this point, but it is still critical that you concentrate on a few wrap-up tasks.

If you neglect to maintain your booth materials after the trade show, you may sustain expensive damage that will need to be repaired or replaced before your next event. Even though you are worn out & ready to go home, taking a few minutes now will save you a great deal of hassle & money later. Speak to an expert to learn more about trade show booth ideas.

How can you care for your trade show display?

1. Prepare Before the Show

Prepare a little before you depart to make it easier for your team to handle the post-trade show booth care. Please create a list of the crucial things you want your team to finish before they depart. Ensure that it is situated in a location that is accessible to every employee.

Then, label every part of your booth and make sure it is securely packed before you depart. Containers must have the appropriate labels to return items to the proper location after the booth. To ensure that your materials arrive at the show undamaged, store them safely before you leave.

2. Clean and Maintain Materials

Make sure to give every part of the booth a thorough cleaning after the show before packing. It is possible to avoid damage to furniture, graphics, and displays during storage by cleaning them of dirt, grease, and oil.

Keep an eye out for any wear and tear while cleaning.

Take immediate action if the issue is simple, such as a burned-out light bulb. If they are more complicated, make a note of what has to be fixed so you can deal with the issue when you return. Take care of any maintenance that needs to be done before packing up your displays.

3. Proper Storage

To save time when packing:

1. Resist the urge to throw everything into the first container you find.

2. Select the ideal storage space for each item in your exhibit booth.

3. As you travel, make sure the parts are shielded from moisture, dust, and any other potential threats.

To store your belongings, you have access to a number of tools. Covers and cases that protect from dust and moisture can be used. Delicate objects can be cushioned to prevent breakage or scratches when they are jostled along the road. Select the appropriate storage components for your booth in collaboration with your exhibit house.