Free games for January 2024 are available on Amazon Prime Gaming

Finally, the new lineup of free games for Amazon Prime subscribers for January 2024 has been made public. Only subscribers will have access to the games during the times they are available. Amazon Prime Gaming has unveiled its January 2024 lineup, which includes four brand-new titles for players to enjoy. Prime Gaming, which is part of an Amazon Prime membership, carries on the legacy of offering games each month and other benefits to members.

Line-up for January 2024

A different game is up for grabs every Thursday starting in January 2024, with a wide range of poignant indie adventures and reworked classics among them. First up this month is the BAFTA-winning film “Endling – Extinction is Forever.”

Released: January 4 – Endling: Extinction is Forever

A planet beset by environmental problems, the BAFTA 2023 award-winning indie adventure centers on the lone mother fox. In order to keep the mother fox, her offspring, and the species alive, players have been overcoming many hurdles.

Apico- January 11

A casual simulation game about beekeeping, Apico is described as such. Apico should be a lot of fun if you enjoy strategically acquiring resources while keeping an eye on science. With the help of games that combine elements of fiction and reality apiculture and floriculture, players may breed, gather, and preserve bees. On the PC, Apico may be claimed for free using the Prime Gaming app.

Atari Mania – January 18

The assortment of minigames in Atari Mania, which is “wrapped in a hilarious retro-driven narrative of exploration and surprise,” will appeal to the elder gaming generation. Playing as your favorite Atari characters with a story theme, Atari Mani offers more than 150 levels. Yars’ Revenge, Missile Command, Dodge’ Em, Circus Atari, Asteroids, and other classic Atari games provide the inspiration for some of the levels. Redeemable for credits on the Epic Games Store, the game will go live.

Yars: Recharged – January 25

Yars: Recharged is another delight for Atari enthusiasts in the “bullet-dodging revival” of the beloved 1982 game, which comes just after Atari Mania. With more than 60 different monster encounters, the game may be played online cooperatively with a companion or by yourself. Yars: Recharged may be exchanged for products at the Epic Games Store.

With new games launched in January, Amazon Luna, the company’s game streaming service, is still performing well in comparison to its competitors:

  • Control Ultimate Edition
  • Kitaria Fables
  • Wonderboy: The Dragon Trap
  • Young Souls

Aside from live-service games, subscribers will also be able to play Trackmania with Amazon Luna, Rocket Racing, LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and Fortnite. Note that India does not have access to Amazon Luna at this time. These free games from December, which include Asteroids: Recharged, Aground, Akka Arrh, and more, can still be redeemed on the Prime Gaming website if you haven’t already. Using an active Amazon Prime account, you may access the Prime Gaming website and PC software to grab the January free games.