Celebrity Look-Alike App Development: Steps, Cost, Features 

Currently, social media platforms are not enough for entertainment. People are demanding more innovations and fun ways to showcase immense interest in other stuff too. Nowadays, the celebrity look-alike app is trending very much. Due to the strong influence of celebrities in our lives, people want to know what celebrities look like.  

However, facial recognition apps have generated USD 5 billion in 2021, and are expected to make 12.67 Billion by 2028. Therefore, we can say that demand for celebrity look-alike apps will also increase. If someone wants to build a celebrity look alike app, definitely that will take a vast approach in the marketplace. 

In this blog, you will be informed about celebrity look alike app development, its cost, and features. So go ahead, and let’s catch up with the detailed information for our own agile development process. 

What are Celebrity Look-Alike Apps? 

No denying that we all are different from each other in our ways, but at the same time, we all have some features and common looks that somehow make us look similar to others. Celebrity look-alike apps are the applications where users can either take photos or upload photos to know what celebrity they look like. These applications are integrated with AI technology, which enables one to find a similar celeb face for the users. 

Initially, these apps came into the marketplace as photo-editing applications. Later AI and ML combined, and now you can see the great advancements happening with these applications.

How Does Celebrity Look Alike Apps Work?

The celebrity look-alike apps are based on facial recognition technology. These applications use AI and ML, which help to figure out the best celeb face matches to the user’s face. The algorithm acts and showcases results based on a person’s facial details. 

  • First, you have to install the application, and later register yourself through your email, contact number, or social media accounts. 
  • Once you are done with registration and ready to use it, either upload your image; otherwise click one by the time. 
  • The facial recognition technology will later find out your celeb doppelganger by comparing your features. These applications use AI and ML, so they will compare celeb faces through the huge database the app has. 
  • Once the comparisons are completed and all the details are matched; the application will showcase a celeb’s face in the end outcome that matches your face. 

Know the Features to Integrate In Celebrity Look-Alike Apps 

Here are some required features in your app to make it compatible according to the market demands and needs. Know what the top mobile app development company in India will add to build celeb look-alike app: 

Make sure when the users are registering to the application, they won’t waste time entering the app. Users will come to get entertained, so don’t waste their time in registration for long. 

If the users want to use the application, they have to create a profile. Do not make it too complicated. Just continue with little details that are necessarily required and let the users continue with their last goal, which is to match their facial features and faces with any celeb.

  • Cartoon Characters Integrations

For the kids or younger specials; you can integrate cartoon characteristics features in the app. Apart from the real-life celebs, it also integrates cartoon characters to match the user’s facial features and face looks with cartoon characters.  

There will be an in-app camera, through which users can click pictures in real time to know how they are looking, and which personality face they are matching currently. It is an instant feature, which saves time, and also ensures more privacy and safety. 

This function will aid in the automatic recognition of renowned matched faces that resemble the users. This is an essential element of your app, so make sure it functions properly. This feature necessitates the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Celeb Look-Alike Filters 

Users enjoy filters and effects such as virtual make-up and facial modification. Aside from researching which celebrity they resemble, they enjoy adding strange effects, filters, and stickers to their images to get creative results, which they then share with their friends. As a result, this feature would significantly contribute to the success of your app.

Millennials enjoy advanced image editing capabilities such as virtual make-up, face tuning, and so on. They want to see the superstar they look like, but they also want to apply fun and quirky effects and filters to their photos before posting them on social media. As a result, it is beneficial to include editing tools, filters, stickers, and other effects to increase the usefulness value of your app. 

The app must have a feature to access the gallery so that users can upload their favorite picture if they want to. This is how they can match different looks with different celebs. 

  • Choose your Favorite Industry

If you want to match your facial features and face looks with any certain industry celebrities, then users can choose their specific industry also. Let’s suppose, if users click on Bollywood; then the picture uploaded in the application will detect and find your doppelganger in the Bollywood industry only. 

With the help of push notifications, the users can interact in a better way with the application and interact well. These notifications will help let users know what new changes and advancements arrived in the app, get notifications when friends share something really cool through the app, and much more. The notifications are a way to interact in a much better way with the application. 

This feature enables users to share their celebrity faces on their social media pages and with social media friends. Even this is a way through which users can fix and gain more followers. Moreover, users can tag their celeb faces with real-life celebrities through their social media handles. 

Voice technology is constantly growing in today’s digitized world. It is a way to identify and search for things easily. So here is a suggestion to integrate this voice technology or voice assistance to make the app more interactive, engaging, and favorable to users. 

Steps to Build Celeb Look-Alike Apps 

Here are some steps, which the celebrity look-alike mobile app development services company considers to process with agile development: 

1. Discovery / Conceptualization

Initially, the developers will pay attention to discovering the idea, what are the needs, what are the goals, what are the visions, what extra we can do, and more about the ideology of the application. Once the discovery is done, it comes to analyze the concepts of applications and what’s trending inside the market. It is very important to know your own idea and compare it with the competitors to know what to build for the growth and success of the application. 

2. UI/UX Design

When you are done with the discoveries and research, it comes to building the navigational and engagement features, which means “UI/UX” designs. The designers will continue with wireframing, prototyping, adding navigation, and also add-on elements such as fonts, creativeness, buttons, icons, and more. 

3. Development 

Here the mobile app developers will add on the features, write the codes, and deal with front-end & back-end tech-stacks to build it. The app developers will write top-quality codes and ensure that everything runs in the app very seamlessly with appropriate navigation. 

4. Mobile Testing and Quality Assurance

The mobile app developers ensure that the application is working appropriately. They will go through every corner of the app to test any bugs, technical glitches, and other issues. It will eliminate all the problems from the application, and make it much more powerful. 

5. App Deployment 

The developers will later deploy the application on its dedicated platform; either it could be iOS or it could be Android. The clients can even choose cross-platform, where the app will work on both the platforms “PlayStore and AppStore.” 

6. App Support and Maintenance 

When the application is launched, the application will be supported and maintained by the developers after launch to meet the market needs, make changes if required, and do more if required. This stage involved the elimination of non-required things, and also added better features. 

Cost of Celeb Look Alike Application 

It is not possible to fix a cost for celeb look-alike app development. There are many factors that can affect the cost of mobile app development, still, we have an estimation here. The average cost to develop the application will be $30000-$45000. 

This cost can increase, which varies on various factors; such as: 

  • Deployment Platform (iOS and Android) 
  • Pre-designed templates or customized templates 
  • Location of app development company 
  • Team size of app development company 
  • Technologies Integrated 
  • Advanced Features add-ons 
  • Additional Features 


If you want to build a celebrity look-alike app, better you consider this blog to understand a few things before the development takes place. This blog has informed you about what these apps are, how these apps work, how the development process takes place, what the cost will be, and what are the features to integrate. It is a great investment, which is nowadays becoming more popular though. So you have a chance now. If you are thinking of investing, then consult with some senior developers and make good suggestions for ultimate development.